Every Child in School and Learning Well

More than 50% of India's fifth graders cannot read a second-grade text. You can change that.

Vocational Training

By 2020, India will account for 28% of the world's workforce. However, only 2% of its current workers have received any formal training.

A Second Chance

Almost 70% of India's children drop out of school before grade 10. We afford dropouts a safe, supportive learning environment so they can complete their secondary school education.


Pratham has reached 40 million children in 20 years working in partnership with local communities and state governments.

Pratham USA

Pratham USA consistently earns a four-star rating from Charity Navigator. About 90% of the funds raised by Pratham USA go directly to support programs in India.

Our Mission

Of the 250 million children worldwide who cannot read or write, two-fifths reside in India, where for 20 years Pratham has been working to alleviate this crisis.
We develop low-cost solutions to improve the quality of learning and work with governments to take them to scale.
Our community-driven approach has engaged hundreds of thousands of volunteers and has affected the lives of 40 million Indian children.

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Dabara’s Story: A Village Empowered

Most parents assume that if their kids are in school, they are learning. Parents in the village of Dabara discovered otherwise.

It happened in the fall of 2015, when Pratham launched a campaign to measure and improve children’s learning in 100,000 villages across India. We entered Dabara prepared to explain our campaign and garner support.



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